chevron recognised at annual oil and gas industry supply chain seminar

Chevron was recently recognised at the annual Supply Chain Seminar hosted jointly by Oil & Gas UK and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CiPS), with Marcin Kos, former contracts analyst at Chevron Upstream Europe (CUE), selected as a finalist for the 2016 Young Oil and Gas Supply Chain Professional of the Year Award.

Marcin, who in April transitioned to his current role of contracts analyst, Chevron Supply and Trading, London, was selected for his role in leading a collaborative initiative to drive rapid and sustainable performance improvement of five critical product service lines which were suffering major delays and technical issues that could impact the Alder development schedule.

Marcin Kos, Chevron contracts analyst, recognised at annual seminar

Marcin Kos, Chevron contracts analyst, recognised at annual Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain Seminar.

In his role, Marcin worked in partnership with CUE subject matter experts, management representatives and Schlumberger, a key contractor for the Alder project with responsibility for several critical PSL’s, to deliver tangible savings, both monetary and through the mitigation of potential delays, to project schedules.

With four stellar finalists, from across the industry, commended for their efforts to drive improved efficiency and business performance, Wood Group PSN’s Andrew Sorrie took the award. In addition, Andrew will join the Scottish Enterprise Oil & Gas Future Industry Leaders Programme, designed to bring together the brightest and best from across the industry to learn the new leadership behaviours needed for the future of the industry in Scotland.

“I am proud to have been selected by Oil & Gas UK and CiPS as a finalist for this year’s Young Oil and Gas Supply Chain Professional of the Year Award. This CUE initiative I was part of was a great demonstration of what can be achieved by focused, relentless effort and friendly partnership between client and service provider, even in very challenging market conditions. The entire team did an excellent job and it is great to be recognised by the wider industry for our efforts,” said Marcin.

Stuart Leighton, CUE’s supply chain manager, added: “This is an excellent example of strategic practitioners in action. It demonstrates accountability and how, when empowered and trusted, our people can be decisive and take action towards shared goals. The application of a common sense and collaborative approach, supported by a foundation of open communication, has driven business improvement and delivered significant results. Chevron prides itself on being a partner of choice and examples like this further demonstrate our commitment to Oil & Gas UK’s Supply Chain Code of Practice and have helped the company retain the ‘Award for Excellence’ – which recognises best practice in commercial activities.”

Phil Broughton, corporate relations for CIPS, energy and oil and gas sectors, said: “This event is an ideal arena for showcasing the talent of supply chain professionals and for promoting the next generation, whose fresh ideas have the potential to transform existing work practices and contribute to improving cost competitiveness in the sector.”

Commitment to Co-operative Working Practices

The annual seminar also provided the opportunity for companies spanning a cross section of the industry to demonstrate their commitment to discussing opportunities to work co-operatively.

‘Cultural Change and Greater Collaboration’ provided the theme for the keynote address delivered by Oil & Gas UK’s chief executive, Deirdre Michie, who reiterated the key role the supply chain plays in helping the industry tackle the tough business conditions it currently faces. Following the opening address, Angela Seeney, director of supply chain, decommissioning and technology at the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), shared her thoughts on these challenges and outlined a number of supply chain opportunities, including OGA’s focus areas for helping to increase efficiency, maximise export growth and improve collaboration.