captain celebrates 20 years of production

Chevron Upstream Europe’s (CUE) Captain Field has achieved a significant milestone by celebrating 20 years of production.

Discovered in 1977, the Captain Field achieved first production in March 1997, thanks to key technology developments in horizontal drilling, down-hole pumps in well bores and heavy oil processing. Over the past 20 years, Captain has been recognised as a leader in the testing and adoption of innovative technologies, including industry leading extended reach drilling, produced water re-injection, and novel subsea artificial lift systems to access new areas, sustain production and increase resource capture.


First production flowed from Chevron's Captain field in 1997. Since then, the field has continued to benefit from Chevron's focus on advanced technology.

Dave Dillard, general manager of U.K. Operated Assets, said: "This represents another major milestone in the history of the Captain Field and is testament to the dedication of our offshore and onshore teams. I would like to take this opportunity to personally recognise and thank all who have been involved over the years in helping the field reach this major milestone."

Greta Lydecker, CUE managing director, concluded: “The Captain team’s commitment to maximising the recovery from the field has recently been shown through the attainment of new levels of production efficiency and record high water injection capabilities, in addition to making good progress with our polymer enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project. This has delivered around 30 percent recovery from the field to-date and through the application of new technology and ingenuity, our aim is to increase this further by a significant margin.

“All who have supported, and continue to support, this asset should feel very proud of their contributions. Here’s to further successes from Captain in the years ahead.”