driving the U.K.'s ecosystem

Chevron Upstream Europe (CUE) recently announced its membership of two of The Oil and Gas Technology Centre’s (OGTC) solution centres, (asset integrity and well construction) to further differentiate its performance through technology and functional excellence.

The OGTC is a not-for-profit, research and knowledge company, which aims to unlock the full potential of the U.K. North Sea and anchor the supply chain in North-East Scotland. Its solution centres are designed to work with operators, supply chain, SMEs and academia to identify technology solutions to solve challenges in the oil and gas industry.

Over the past 50 years, innovation has enabled delivery of an unrivalled range of products, services and expertise to the global oil and gas industry. Technology development and deployment is critical to improving efficiency and making our operations more cost-effective. One advantage lies in identifying new technology and providers – from academia and government laboratories to entrepreneurs and start-up companies – and in evaluating them for use in our operations.

The OGTC will partner with Chevron and Total in offshore field trials to be completed by October 2017. One of these is the offshore trial of Permasense, a wireless sensor integrity monitoring system which provides continuous measurement of pipework wall thickness. The trial unit has been offshore on the Alba Northern Platform water injection manifold since March 2017 and is the first use of the tool offshore in the UK Continental Shelf.

Jonathan Copp, Chevron Upstream Europe technology manager, highlights how Chevron

Jonathan Copp, Chevron Upstream Europe technology manager, highlights how Chevron differentiates its performance through partnerships, technology and functional excellence.

Jonathan Copp, technology manager, Projects and Future Growth, explained how engagement with those outside is as important as those inside: “Chevron is actively involved with many groups including; the National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI), Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) whom we have been a member of for more than 15 years, the Technology Leadership Board (TLB), Innovate UK, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), as a partner in their innovation programme, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council where we have offered support for two bids for university hubs in robotics and artificial intelligence.

“Testing new technology in a live operational environment is an essential part of the innovation journey and is often a barrier to bringing new solutions to market. The OGTC can play an important role in enabling and supporting field trials to help push new technologies across the threshold to being accepted as mature. The UK has a strong track record of innovation and CUE is well placed to benefit from new technologies developed in response to the ever-changing needs of oil and gas operations.”

Steve Garrett, UK global technology centre manager with Chevron’s Energy Technology Company put this in a broader perspective. “Our long-standing alliances with leading U.K. universities, industry research partners and start-up technology ventures work to enable innovation and support the acceleration of new technology deployments. We’re proud of the role Chevron plays in the U.K.’s innovation ‘ecosystem’ and recognise the great business benefits it brings, not only here in the U.K, but across Chevron’s global operations.”