environmental commitment recognised with new certification

Chevron North Sea Limited has recently achieved ISO14001:2015 certification, testament to the company's strong leadership and commitment to the environment, both on and offshore.

The ISO14001:2015 certification covers drilling, extraction, processing and export of oil and gas on Alba, Alder, Captain, Erskine assets and drilling operations of other Chevron U.K. Continental Shelf licensed acreage. The ISO certification also includes major capital projects managed in the Chevron's Upstream Europe (CUE) headquarters.

This new certification standard updates the standard first introduced in 2004, which has been refreshed to align with new requirements. Certification lasts for three years, subject to satisfactory visits from the verifiers on a bi-annual basis.

Richard Hinkley, CUE's general manager for projects and future growth, commented: “Attaining certification for ISO14001:2015 is a fantastic achievement. I would like to thank everyone involved in this project for their guidance on how CUE can operate in a manner to best protect the environment. The environmental management system touches all parts of our business and meeting the requirements of the recognised international standard demonstrates our focus to drive continuous improvement and assurance in this area.”  

The U.K. Offshore Environmental Regulator, (OPRED), requires companies operating in the North Sea to have independent verification of meeting Environmental Management System requirements recommended by the Oslo Paris Commission (OSPAR), to provide additional assurance that environmental management arrangements within an organisation protect the environment and demonstrate the organisation’s ability to respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs. Chevron would not be issued with environmental regulatory permits and consents without this provision.

Find out more about our Operational Excellence Management System and approach to the environment here.