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Chevron’s downstream business in the U.K. is represented by its lubricants including Caltex and Texaco, amongst others.


London is the regional headquarters for Chevron’s lubricants operation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our Downstream business in the United Kingdom is conducted through our subsidiary Chevron Products UK Limited. Chevron lubricants are sold directly and through a network of distributors. Brands include; Texaco®, Caltex®, Havoline® motor oils, Ursa® and Delo® commercial motor oils and coolants, and Techron fuel system cleaners. We also sell marine lubricants.

supply and trading

Chevron’s London office is home to one of the company’s four global trading floors, along with Houston, Texas; San Ramon, California; and Singapore. The Supply and Trading organisation manages daily commodity transactions of 5 million barrels of liquids and 5 billion cubic feet of gas.

Chevron also holds an equity interest in the Shetland Island Regional Gas Export System (SIRGE) Pipeline (operated by North Sea Midstream Partners), the Graben Area Export Line (GAEL) Pipeline (operated by BP) and the Shearwater Elgin Area Line (SEAL) Pipeline (operated by Shell).


In 2014, Chevron Shipping opened the Marine Learning and Development Center in Glasgow, Scotland. The training center can provide instruction for up to 2,500 mariners per year, offering courses that cover subjects from navigation to cargo handling, as well as technical subjects such as advanced hydraulics.

chevron shipping opens marine learning and development center in Scotland

chevron shipping opens marine learning and development center in Scotland

The Glasgow centre is a state-of-the-art facility supported by some of the industry’s leading instructors, offering 30 training courses that cover navigation (bridge watch keeping, basic ship handling, collision avoidance) to cargo handling (liquid and LNG) with technical areas including advanced hydraulics among others. The centre also offers an operational and management leadership programme, as well as various programs to help assess deck and engineering officers for promotion.