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Chevron employees collaborating onsite at the Captain Platform

Through its investments in U.K. suppliers and contractors, Chevron helps foster local economic development and builds local supplier capacity to meet our business needs around the world.

Chevron is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunity for U.K. industry to supply goods and services and works hard to ensure that opportunities for local suppliers and contractors are realised. We provide a yearly list of potential future contracting and supply opportunities through the Pilot Forward Workplan.

what we look for in suppliers

When sourcing high-quality goods and services, we value companies with the following qualities:

  • Excellent safety record
  • Demonstrable capability and deliverability
  • Necessary compliance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Financial viability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer focus
  • Innovative business, digital and technology solutions

Excellent contractor safety is paramount to working with Chevron. To eliminate health, environment and safety incidents and injuries, we use a number of standardised work safety processes, including our Contractor Health Safety Management (CHESM) work process.

The CHESM work process helps to enhance the safety performance of third-party service suppliers and their subcontractors through conformance to Operational Excellence and ensures that Chevron works with the best contractors and service providers in the industry.

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